Captain Edward Hammer

The hammer is... his hammer.


The human Captain has brown hair, bright blue eyes, and the weathered skin of a true sailor. He wields an enormous Earth Breaker, a warhammer with a spiked head. He uses it, not only to demolish his enemies, but to also demoralize anyone who witnesses his prowess.


Captain Ned Hammer is a big, bold sea dog from England. His previous ship, The Thunderous, is still docked in London harbor. The Lady Joanne is actually Newman’s, but Hammer has agreed to captain her for the time being, as part of a lucrative arrangement.

Although he seems like a brash, brawny type, he actually had an extensive education, and spends much time writing important letters and documents in his cabin. He also has a love of music, as well as an affinity for thunderstorms. He can often be seen walking on the deck during such times when a storm is far off, but visible.

Captain Edward Hammer

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